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The Judiciary: Serving the Citizen

Par INPBPM :: samedi 09 octobre 2010 à 03:41 :: Discours de SM le Roi Mohammed VI

 Similar to the initiative I took regarding the new concept of authority, which is meant to ensure the good governance of public services, I have decided to launch a new concept for the reform of the legal system, under the motto 'The Judiciary: Serving the Citizen'",

the monarch said in his speech, Friday in Rabat, at the opening of the first session of the fourth legislative year of the eighth legislature.     

 HM the king underlined that "through the application of the above motto, we look forward to the advent of a legal system that is close to litigants, that applies simple, rapidly enforceable procedures, that is impartial, that uses modern facilities and that relies on competent, unbiased judges. We want the judiciary to boost development, uphold justice, promote the rule of law and oppose injustice.”

  In this regard, HM the King insisted that “as much as it is separate from the executive and the legislative branches, the judiciary is an integral part of the authority of the state.”

 He added that “this branch is entrusted with ensuring the primacy of the Kingdom’s Constitution and of the rule of law, and also with making sure that the rights of the citizens are upheld, and that they fulfil their obligations.”

 The sovereign emphasized that “the proper implementation of the thorough reform of the legal system does not stop at the government and parliament. It hinges, primarily, on the judges carrying out their mission in a responsible manner.”

 Moreover, the monarch affirmed his determined to build the authority of the state on the solid foundation of respect for the rule of law and the pre-eminence of the judiciary.

  I wish to stress that the new concept of authority I introduced in the address I made on the subject in Casablanca, in October 1999, is still valid.”

 HM King Mohammed VI noted that the new concept of authority “is neither a spur-of-the-moment decision to address a temporary situation, nor a mere slogan. This new concept of authority is part of a system of governance. As such, it needs to be implemented at all times, and both its letter and spirit should be upheld.”

  The new concept of authority is not an isolated notion that applies only to local governments and authorities. This is a comprehensive, binding concept that has to be observed by all state representatives, across the executive, legislative and judicial branches,” the sovereign said.

 Hence, as the First Servant of the nation, I shall continue to make sure this concept is enforced by all those who wield authority in the country, using, to this end, the mechanisms afforded by the law to ensure accountability, initiate legal action and apply sanctions, within the framework of an impartial judicial system,” HM the King added.

Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI announced his decision to launch a new concept for the reform of the legal system, under the motto "The Judiciary: Serving the Citizen".




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